Friday, August 24, 2007

Luk's first "school" picture!

I have to put this because Luk is really posing for this.

My Photos and Updates

After much time, I have finally got the camera I have been waiting for. So, here are the first day pictures, as I like to call them "Test Shots"! Luk is the best child to take pictures of because he knows how to just chill out and have fun! Reson and I have been blessed to have the best son in the world. We are back home in FL. loving each other and our family. We are attending First Baptist Church at the Mall in Lakeland. I can honestly say that nothing broke our hearts more about leaving KY then leaving our wonderful church home at Ninth and O. Thank you - to all our friends there that made it so special for Reson, Luk, and me. You have a speical place in our lives, and we cherish the friendships and bonds made. Enjoy these pictures! Reson and I will take turns keeping this current and continue to post our life happenings.