Monday, February 21, 2011

Pray for Nina

Pray for Nina

Friday, February 4, 2011

It Begins with a Child

Luk never stops teaching me. He's four, but if we all just listened and observed our four year olds, we would get much out of them. This week has been off since we have all three been sick, but yesterday my song gave me the sweetest gift, a song:

For the past month, we have been working hard with school, teaching him about our Compassion children Smith and Pataso (share sponsored with our Youth Group). I have made my focus on Smith since the visit with him is coming, and Luk's heart to learn about him has been quite endearing. There has also been some sad moments. As I was describing the way Smith lived, Luk started crying. He was telling me how he wanted to write a letter to Smith to share that he was sorry he was poor.

not rich: lacking money or material possessions
affected by poverty: characterized by widespread or evident poverty
inferior: not of good quality or not in good condition

You see that last one... that's why I was unsure how I wanted to address that with Luk.

We are not inferior. I described how the majority of the people that Smith and Pataso are around live that way. They have an opportunity now being in the Compassion program and us being their sponsor. As both their letters shared with us because we sent them both a Birthday present, they both bought new clothes, shoes, and groceries.

They are not poor in spirit. They are not bad quality. They did lack opportunity. Both have their parents and siblings. They are loved. As many people learn the hard way, rich in money doesn't always lead to rich of heart, material possessions create hardness of hearts. These two handsome boys are loved, blessed, and have a new hope.

Luk still cried and rightfully so. He hated knowing that they don't have what we have. It was a time for me to show Luk just how blessed God has made us, and to live with thanks and joy because we are able to help others. Poor maybe because they lack what WE think they lack, but THEY are blessed. God has given them Compassion to give them an opportunity to change their world. I pray that these boys dream big, that they come to know Christ, and know that beyond the people near them there is a family of four that love them.
The video of Luk singing, precious. I see God working in him. Through introducing him to the reality of our boys Smith and Pataso, I hope that he will one day have a heart to give and give with pure joy. He taught me through his child like perspective how sorrowful we should be that people don't have clean water, electricity (like Pataso), don't have direct medical care (like Pataso's father), and a floorless home (like Smith). It created a bigger reflection in my heart.

So... what can you do?
1) Sponsor a child

Sponsor a Child in Jesus Name with Compassion

2) Host Compassion Sunday

3) Share your Story

As Reson and I have been trying to down size the things we have, I know it will take adjusting, but when you see these lives being changed by giving up your monthly subscription to your favorite magazine or cable... joy! When we get that letter in the mail... JOY! We rip that thing open! When we down size some more... Reson may come home to finding we have a little girl... well, you know, I'll mention it to him first. =D

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Compassion Trip Peru 2011

In about two weeks, I will be paying for my trip to Lima, Peru to meet my Compassion child, Smith. My husband has given me the opportunity, and I still am not letting it sink in. Having only been out of the country one other time, but to go with the purpose to meet a child I feel is like my own is overwhelming. The opportunity that this organization gives to our family is one that I cannot put into words.



To have a person from another walk of life tell you in a letter that you gave them new shoes and groceries for his family... humbling. Why God put Smith into my hands that night, I don't know. Peru is near and dear to my husband's heart, but there were others from that area. Following my trip in September, I will be hosting a Compassion Sunday. To give this gift of joy to others is one of God's divine plan.

Stay tuned for more on this adventure.

Also, I have second boy to introduce to you that stole my heart, his name is Pataso!