Thursday, June 2, 2011

I'm sure you hear it all the time...

BUT it has to be said I DO have the best dad.

This also must be said that I know I have put my dad through alot, and I KNOW I have said some hurtful things to him. Doesn't everyone have those moments? You have been with this person for much of your life, and things are said in the heat of moments when tempers are flaring... you haven't? Well, that's great it must be a Cuban thing then. =D

My husband and I are leaving a church softball and as we are going in reverse hear a "boom." You know, one of those "I just hit something," but you clearly didn't. Uh-oh... we both knew that we had stretched out our brakes just a wee bit too long. Of course, when situations like this happens it is usually when you spend your money on a trip for your wife to go Peru. Happens all the time.

So, the next day I give my handy-dandy daddy a call describing the sound, and informing him that I knew I needed new breaks. He asks, "How do you know that?" I should have stated... "You taught me that, duh!" But I didn't. I stated the squeaking sound that they have been delivering. His response, "Okay well, it should just be the breaks then I will call you back." This was a better response than the darling husband of mine that said it sounded like something with the transmission (YIKES)!

Within minutes he calls back, "Well, Mr. Mechanic Man thinks it is just the breaks and possibly a WYE joint. He will be by your house to check it out." Sure enough, the great Mr. Mechanic Man came by check under the car. VERDICT: No WYE joint, just awful back brakes and routers. Minutes later: Dad hops out of his Roll-Off Truck arriving with the set of brake pads and routers. Seriously! *tear*

Rewind a few days later Mom knocks on our door and explains, "I thought I would drop by and talk to you and the boys while your dad mows your lawn." Seriously! *tear*

I would like to bring the focus on that this is the same man who had a quadruple bypass just months ago. However, this is the same man that made sure that by the age of 16: I knew how to change a flat tire, drive a manual (stick-shift) vehicle,  change my oil, and not to mention taught me about 3-4 years prior the steps to building a house. I'm almost certain that my parents would have done a far better job homeschooling than what they would say. My dad would say no because he has reading difficulties, and yet he still will read manuals, rules, credit card fine prints. I can hang dry wall, tape it, clay it up (whatever).

You see where I'm going with this. He got me the things for my car and mowed my lawn highly knowing I was capable of doing it myself; he taught me that stuff. If I were never married my dad taught me to be able to be dependent on my own wits to not rely on a man. Now, I do rely on my husband, but out of desire to be a Godly submissive wife.

My dad was not one to change diapers or do the cuddling when we were babes, but he was the balance to my mom. He loved us in a way that he would not let me just sit around and not take care of myself.  However, it is not always about that is it. He is the head of his household. He raised adults with problems, but problems that could be fought and taken care of. If and when he is around he takes care of it. Back aching, chest cut open, ribs broken there he is.

Provider, sustainer, protector of his family even when the silly sixth grader makes a problem even bigger when she uses just the right wording to make a teacher seem worse than he or she actually are. Yep...

Or when he uses this vacations to help his sister-in-law finish her basement, or when he leaves a vacation early to help his children move back home unexpectedly. Scotty Smith said (paraphrasing) A sign in grace is showing that you can drop what you are doing to help those around you. You have no set schedule when it comes to helping. Dad, you have done that for most of your life, haven't you?

One phone call and you can be gone in seconds. I have that trait, and sometimes it is hasty, but those are the times that people remember. It may have an outcome of great, but you were there to hear it with those that you rushed to.

Yet, I will say that the best things about my dad is that even if he says this ridiculous statement, "I may not always be right, but I am never wrong." I know deep down he doesn't believe it because he knows all too well the Sovereignty of God's grace and mercy, don't you?

He doesn't usually apologize, but you see it in his actions later. And just as I thought he would wouldn't eat fish and veggies. There he goes. He is a man who is submissive to what God calls upon him to do in life, and even as simple as his food choice. You see the best dad is not one that you get along with the most or who plays with you all the time or even gives you everything you want. No, having the best is knowing your dad has faults and works on himself, teaches you to be an adult that is not reliable, shows through example how to be a Christ Follower.

Thanks Dad! I love you.
PS- I need a new picture because that guy up there has lost more than 70lbs since his surgery. WHAT!?