Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving Day

As apart of 4H Country Clovers, I signed Luk up to work the Community Thanksgiving Meal. It was something that we were planning to do, but with being a member of 4H it gave Luk a community service event for his club. My husband stayed outside taking Logan to the playground while Luk and I stayed behind handing out rolls for the take out orders that were being made.

When I look at our live, I look for the thanksgiving in it all, it is through this that true joy is exhibited in our lives. I want to have a life of joy, and it is through these times to give for what I have been given that my cup runneth over.

Lord, thank you for giving me thanksgiving, joy, love!

Here is our time of service (thanks Send Me Missions for the photos)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Our Tree covered in Truth

It's a life of thanks (eucharisteo) when we immerse ourselves in thanks for what He has given to us because when we acknowledge that "all is grace," joy fills your life. Our house made the decision to make Christmas more meaningful, more than the lights, more than the gifts, but a time to just reflect on Him. "A Jesus Advent Celebration" where everyday we are reminded of His truth that He has left for us.

Last year, we started slowly with just reading the book daily, making the tree full of our pictures, and giving to through the Compassion catalog. This year we continue with this, with some new traditions added on.

Our Cradle to Cross Wreath: Our journey to the center of His birth and the truth behind Christmas. As Logan gets older we will be moving to the candles, but for now his overly grabby hands have turned our wreath into our picture holder.

Then our tree, it took a downsize as far as height and girth, but the message surrounding it has grow in measures. We have covered our little Alpine with truth from Scripture. The message of His life from "in the beginning..."

Tonight, we surround our tree with truth. We surround our thoughts of His truth.

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Journey of a Life Time

If you've read my posts in the past you should know that meeting Smith left an indentation on this heart of mine. You can't come from something like that and not be. Everyday I wait for a letter, everyday I pray for a beautiful mother trying to make a living, everyday I pray for the phone call that his sister will be sponsored by me... everyday these children are spoken from this tongue. I can't stop talking about them because on a mountain in Peru they sit, waiting to walk to the church for a meal, waiting for the job to supply, yet knowing that there is a family in Florida loving them from afar. They know that more importantly there is a God that loves them. They know that. It was something I made sure to ask. I knew before I left in that cab.

I have never cared to ask a person point blank before... that aspect of me has changed. My desire for people to know Christ has really changed. There is no life without this knowledge. I want to spend eternity with this family, with you! Compassion International is the real deal when it comes to integrity, the child, their families, and most importantly making sure these children, their families hear the gospel message.

Missions in Action is an interactive web series that was created with the purpose to make a difference around the world. The team is:
  • traveling around the world to identify problems that people are facing.
  • highlighting the actions that individuals and/or companies are taking to help those in need.
  • providing a way for viewers to help out.
Here Missions in Action takes a closer look in the Philippines at what Compassion does through your sponsorship.

Your sponsorship really does make a difference, I cannot stress that enough! Through Compassion you can give a family opportunities they wouldn't have had before. There are people around them willing to help them! They have volunteers that teach, cook, and maintain the church just for your Compassion child. They get it! They know that this is more important than a paying job. They know that the reward in serving their community is more important than ignoring the problems. They want to make a difference for their people. Give them that opportunity! They love God, they love His people, and they are working diligently to make Him known!

I can only say so much because you will not experience the blessing until you put yourself out there. Cut out the cable, cut out the eating out, cut out that coffee at Starbucks because when you do there is a family like the one in the video that will be changed because of what God has allowed you to do! When you submit to His call, the reward is incredible.