Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A lot has happened!

WOW, the last time I blogged was in December, and many things have happened since that time. It is pretty crazy how time flies, and you just go on forgetting about blogs like this. Luk is now 2!!! I am 47lbs lighter, and Reson is busy being a great provider! My grandmother passed away right before Easter, and that was a difficult time, but she is with the Lord. She is not suffering anymore, and that is really the blessing! We adopted a basset hound, his name is Bruce. He joined our other dog Jinxie.
Luk is now counting and talking so much. He is really busy being a 2 year old. It is a good thing I got my booty into gear, or I would not have been able to keep up with him. We also had the pleasure of visiting our dear friends Craig, Danielle, and Abigail. We cannot wait to see them again.
So, I'm going to share some pictures that I have from all this change. Enjoy!

Our visit with the Shuffs

Weight Loss Journey
Ou new member Sir Bruce!
Family Photo at the Lake!

Happy Birthday Luk and Gregory!
Fun sitting where I shouldn't be!
I'm just like Dad!
Birthday Cake, Yum!