Thursday, February 3, 2011

Compassion Trip Peru 2011

In about two weeks, I will be paying for my trip to Lima, Peru to meet my Compassion child, Smith. My husband has given me the opportunity, and I still am not letting it sink in. Having only been out of the country one other time, but to go with the purpose to meet a child I feel is like my own is overwhelming. The opportunity that this organization gives to our family is one that I cannot put into words.



To have a person from another walk of life tell you in a letter that you gave them new shoes and groceries for his family... humbling. Why God put Smith into my hands that night, I don't know. Peru is near and dear to my husband's heart, but there were others from that area. Following my trip in September, I will be hosting a Compassion Sunday. To give this gift of joy to others is one of God's divine plan.

Stay tuned for more on this adventure.

Also, I have second boy to introduce to you that stole my heart, his name is Pataso!

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