Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sitting back and observing

I think it's safe to say that along with action, there comes a point as a minister's wife that you learn to sit back and observe what's going on around you. If you don't do this occasionally you will sooner or later let what's going on around you consume your very presence. You say, no?!

There is more and more conformity to this world. There are extreme cases that hit people like a ton of bricks. You have the mother that everyone says killed her baby, yet a jury finds her not guilty, or the case where a Florida teen kills his parents to death with a hammer. **WARNING** The article on the teen boy is very detailed. If you are tender-hearted do not read it.

I sit back, and then something hits a bit closer to home. Yes, closer than my actual home state, but hearing of adultery happening in homes of ministers. It hits hard.

We wonder, "How can this happen?"

"How can a mother kill her daughter?"

"How can she be found not guilty, MURDERER!"

"Why?" as the mother sees her son rearing back to hit her with a hammer...

"I thought they were Christians? Bunch of hypocrites!"

I sit back observe. 
 I look at the legality behind it all. 
I'm a researcher, I investigate. 

People's moral compass goes haywire. "We hate baby killers!" hmmm... Do you? We legalize abortions like it's a hobby to pass the time. "We hate murderers!" hmmm... Do you? We hate those that cause pain and hurt to others. "We hate lying Christians!" hmmm... Do you? As just minutes ago you asked for their prayers.

Our sins are fine when in the dark, but when the same sin is exposed by others we believe to be better than that person.

Am I capable of murder?
Am I capable of adultery?

Sadly, yes...

However, I go into this capability with my armor on. I am on guard. Satan knows my weaknesses. He knows what can get me to stop thinking about my sole purpose in life, which is to worship and serve my Father. There is a reason that the Bible calls him a wolf in sheep's clothing. He lingers; he hides; he makes everything around you seem normal...

and then...



HE'S GAINED GROUND... AND.... AND.... and....

Does he win?  Does he lose?

Whether in private or in broad day light does he win or does he lose?

I sit back, observe, I remember that the stereotypical vision of Satan as red horned evil looking man is really capable of morphing into anyone's sultry cougar, or anyone's sensual horse riding knight, or the idea that the story of life is all about YOU... ME!

Of course there is one catch to all this... are you awake? I'm not talking about "Yes, I'm reading this. Yes, I got of bed." No, not that awake.

Are you awake? Do you have the Holy Spirit indwelling in your being? He is apart of you and you are apart of Him... Do you mourn when you sin against Him? Do you feel sickened to your lies, your foolishness?

If not, then I guess you would have NO idea where this post is going. If you don't think you are capable of these "extreme" sins you should be full of trepidation for yourself. If you think you can handle any situation on your own... be ready!

Aislynn alone is capable of anything her sinful human flesh wants her to be capable of. However, Aislynn with the Holy Spirit are on guard to fight these capabilities. Will she stumble? Yes. Will she mourn? Yes. Will she fight back with the strength of a lion? You betcha!

I sit back, and observe because at any moment he's waiting... he's wanting to chip away at you... he's waiting for you to cave in patience, in love, in obedience, in faith and sometimes he uses the continuous scream of child to set you off...

"Work out your salvation with fear and trembling, for it's God who works in you, both to will and to work for his good pleasure." Philippians 2:12-13

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