Monday, November 28, 2011

Our Tree covered in Truth

It's a life of thanks (eucharisteo) when we immerse ourselves in thanks for what He has given to us because when we acknowledge that "all is grace," joy fills your life. Our house made the decision to make Christmas more meaningful, more than the lights, more than the gifts, but a time to just reflect on Him. "A Jesus Advent Celebration" where everyday we are reminded of His truth that He has left for us.

Last year, we started slowly with just reading the book daily, making the tree full of our pictures, and giving to through the Compassion catalog. This year we continue with this, with some new traditions added on.

Our Cradle to Cross Wreath: Our journey to the center of His birth and the truth behind Christmas. As Logan gets older we will be moving to the candles, but for now his overly grabby hands have turned our wreath into our picture holder.

Then our tree, it took a downsize as far as height and girth, but the message surrounding it has grow in measures. We have covered our little Alpine with truth from Scripture. The message of His life from "in the beginning..."

Tonight, we surround our tree with truth. We surround our thoughts of His truth.

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