Thursday, December 6, 2012

Mary is making her way to Bethelem

I love this season. I have to figure out a way to keep the excitement of Christ all year round in our house.

Isaac was the sacrifice. Oh, but the real sacrifice found in a ram stuck in a bush. The ultimate sacrifice a pure lamb, Jesus Christ. What a story that needs to be told!

Zechariah silenced for his disbelieve, but he was ever so faithful.

Gabriel (The Messenger) and Mary (Christ's Mother)
*Do you see the sketch? My six year old drew out his pattern, 
and he asked me to cut out the fabric. I think we are a good team.


GAHCindy said...

I covet that candle thingy. Really cool.

Aislynn Holt said...

:) It is the best Christmas present to date and 100% of the proceeds go to Compassion International! :) You have love the gift that God has given Ann Voskamp!.