Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The New Normal

A long hiatus from blogging continues with our family expanding from four to five. God graciously gave us a beautiful surprise in Brother. Just when my husband (the YP), and I thought we were content with just Light and Hollow, God brings us our third son. I must say that our life is much more complete with him in it.

As the YP is gone for a summer camp, I sit at home alone with the three boys thinking about motherhood at it's core. It has made me think about what we have as examples (good or bad) in the Bible. I want to dedicate a few months on this thought.

When we posed with the question, "Who is your favorite mom in the Bible?" Who would you say? I want to explore these moms and get a better understanding of their mothering and their situations.

And so I begin... Moms in the Bible... stay tuned...

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