Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Whirlwind of Life

Life has been a fast and whirling rollercoaster with Luk. If you want a great conversation, he is here to talk to you. He has so much to say, and he wants to know everything you are doing. After a great trip to Richmond, VA, we took Luk to Disney World the weekend of my birthday (September), it is quite amazing how great that gift was for me. He is so great. Mickey and Minnie are his favorite characters, but he was not shy to show the Princesses and Mickey's pals some love in the process. He made his daddy proud with the Princess greetings. Luk also had his first real haircut. We cut his beautiful curls off (which seem to be coming), and he loves the short do. For Halloween he had a blast dressing up as Buzz Lightyear. As you can see the in picture below of his identity crisis, he has quite an imagination.

Reson and I have been really blessed to find a wonderful new church family near our home, and we able to help be youth leaders. It has been a really blessing to help teach these great kids about the Lord. For Christmas, we had the children and youth apart of our county's Christmas Parade. We also had a wonderful planning a Christmas Progressive Dinner and bonfire for the celebration. The kids did a white elephant gift exchange and made s'mores. We had a blast. It is really amazing how God has used us in this youth group, and how much they continue to teach us. They don't realize what a blessing they are to us.

Most recently, I had the great pleasure of photographing a wedding in Miami. It was friend of ours, and we had a blast. Luk enjoyed the trip down south, and the wedding celebration.

Now, we are in the process of getting our yearly schedule done for the youth activities that we have planned in the future. Our great friend, Janessa, has really been a wonderful leader for the youth. It has been a blessing to work with her. Hopefully in our blogging, you will see more of our fun trips with the youth. As you can see we have been quite busy. Along with helping with the youth, Reson, Janessa, and I also help with some praise and worship music. It has been great experience seeing God work in our church. I am still attending school online with only 3 semesters left. Hopefully, I will be posting pictures of our trip to Arizona.

Until our next post...

Attack of the Princesses, look at those lipstick stains, lol.

An Identity Crisis... SpideyBuzz

Church Fall Festival

Christmas Parade Float 2008

Luk's First Hair Cut

Youth Christmas Party 2008

Bonfire, Reson looks thrilled. Of course, Janessa was avoiding the picture with one hand.

Us at the Bonfire

Christmas Eve Family Party 2008

Luk at the wedding with Blain and Aleck (some of the youth)

Janess and I with Blain and Aleck

Us with the Bride and Groom


Grace, Hope and Joy said...

You guys look great! Glad things are going well for you.

The Whaleys said...

Love Luk's listick stains!