Friday, January 16, 2009

Luk's Perspective: Don't eat that Tree, Mommy.

Can any one guess which story I was telling Luk? I was talking to him about the story of Adam and Eve the other night. His mind and understanding of things are quite humorous. During the day, we were out having a nice outing when I here Luk say, "Mom, look at that tree, don't eat that tree, Mom."

I had a good laugh, I told him that was right that God told Adam and Eve not to eat from the Tree. I love to see his perspective, and for right now it is not about the apple or fruit, but the tree. It made me realize that as a Christian it is not about the actual fruit, but allowing ourselves to be tempted by the appearance of the tree.

I think as Christians looking at the tree should be enough warning, but the fruit is the next step to bringing us closer to sin. It made sense to me this morning, hopefully it does to you, too.
Another story...
God has definitely been working in my life. On Wednesday night, we did a study on the tests of Job and his reaction to his new life. One of the youth in particular said, "This is scary." She's right it is really scary to think that God would allow Satan to test us in these ways, but like I reassured her, God knows your heart this just goes to show that he wouldn't put you throught something you couldn't handle. It is hard to imagine everything Job happening to us, but one thing is for sure God allowed it to happen so that we can build to be better Christians and to lead by example.

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You have to love kids. Great post!