Monday, January 30, 2012

One Moment...

It only takes only a moment, sometimes a split a second for life to hit you. My children are young, and our days are spent at home. Luk's day is: I teach, he learns, I correct, he learns, I play, he plays. Logan teaches me the value of moments every day when he says, "now you sit, momma, and play!"  Now, what I find amazing is how many of these moments I had while being in Peru to see Compassion at its' best.

A picture captured one of those moments for Smith and me, it is a picture of a picture taken by the Compassion photographer.

It was at that moment that I realized 1) Smith thought he would never see me again. 2) This hug meant more to him than I realized. As I forced myself to stop crying, I pulled him back to look at his face, and it was covered in tears. I spontaneously brought him back into my arms crying harder. Through the translator I let him know I was coming back to see him in July. It was at that moment he realized I would be in his life more than just letters or more than just one visit.

As I plan our family trip in July, I wonder what moments will be in store for us on that trip. Luk and Smith meeting for the first time. Two young boys coming from different worlds. You see, I learned that our day together meant more than just a visit to the zoo, however it created a bond that will never be broken, a hope that will forever be engrained in his heart, and a peace knowing that an eternal God love him!

Cherish your moments. Every letter you write to your Compassion child is letter that brings a moment to them. Don't waste it! Just a moment brings a life time of change.

Check our Compassion's CEO new book "Just a Minute" here.


brimichelle said...

Thank you so much for sharing this powerful message. I especially loved when you wrote, "Every letter you write to your Compassion child is letter that brings a moment to them." That is powerful!

WhereGodIs said...

Loved this post. I hope your readers will check out Dr. Stafford's wonderful book. Just a Minute didn’t just touch my heart, it stirred me to action. It’s a great collection of stories of pivotal moments when someone spoke a word of encouragement, or noticed a child, or named that child’s strength—and the results lasted forever.