Tuesday, January 3, 2012

One Word 2012

Do you have a theme for the upcoming year? A single word that you focus on to transform your thought... your moment...


I have chosen this word because seeking joy in this life is a challenge. We are immersed in materialism, when owning things is far more important than the truth behind that mentality. However, it is highly possible to find joy when you look to the right things. The joy is found in His words, His promise.

There have been two experiences in my life that have helped me better SEE that the Gospel is all I need to find JOY:
1) reading "One Thousand Gifts" by Ann Voskamp 
2) meeting Smith (part 1/part 2)

In reading Ann's book, I learned to focus, to SEE all my gifts (good and bad), view it, SEE it all as grace, and it is through this that thanksgiving comes and produces joy. Yet, it was in meeting Smith that he taught me what true joy meant. It's hard to explain, really. Just look.

A squatter home on the top of a very steep hill... joy

four walls with tarp roof, no floor... joy

a sponsor for his sister, her daughter... joy

a simple sinner living a selfish life in the United States giving sacrificially because really he is mine, she is mine, they are mine... joy

It was a moment of complete humility that joy surrounded my heart, and has still to leave. SEEing the gospel, the love of God play out in a developing country, and knowing that apart of my family is living in joy brings joy. You see poverty is a lack of hope. My boy, my girl, my Peruvian sister don't lack hope anymore! Compassion gives me this opportunity to seek a joy I didn't know I could have, and it gives my beautiful family the opportunity to experience joy.

The year has begun, where do you find your joy? It was through the word of God that I found You see through the gospel, loving my brothers and sisters, giving, diligently praying, and seeking His will brings an ultimate joy. A joy that is unexplainable. A joy that is found in floorless roofless house. A joy that is found in the midst of heart ache. A joy that stays embedded in your inner most self no matter the circumstances.

The word of God spreading to the nations because all joy comes from His love, His sacrifice, His omnipotence.

A year of Joy! Do you SEE it!?

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Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this post! Thank you so much for sharing it and for sharing your journey to joy! I also loved the pictures...beautiful!