Monday, May 21, 2012

Proverbs 31 Bible Study

Currently, I am on week two of a Proverbs 31 Bible Study. I was just reminded of a conversation that I recently had with my husband. The conversation with me making a statement that I didn't think would rouse anything, but it did. "Did you know that 'this' is the largest growing belief in the world?" His response, "Of course it is!"

Of course it is... I guess I was a bit surprised by it. However, as my husband explained, it is a belief in your works. If I do works in this and that I will go to Heaven. It's easy for us to see the list of does follow them and not really change anything on the inside. When you study the Bible and Christ draws you to Him... guess what?

Change is imminent.

And so, comes the change in reading Proverbs 31. This is regarding as the women's chapter, but the first nine verses are quite interesting because it unveils that this is a King writing about what his mother has taught him. These were my immediate thoughts after reading it along with the Bible Study.

"After reading the King's inspiration for writing this chapter it reminded again why raising our boys is so difficult. I've heard from many people that boys are easier than girls when it comes to child rearing, but that is such a false statement. I'm again reminded that I am raising men that need to fear God, lead a household, manage this affairs above reproach, and love his wife the way that Christ loves His church. The mother teaching her son the attributes of a righteous woman is such an act of love for him. In today's world where men aren't stepping up and leading and having a fear of responsibility what an example to teach my boys what is honorable to God. That their helper is not a
thing to look at and flaunt, NO! But one that is to be honored like precious gems, loved as Savior loves his people, and To respected as his partner."

It is quite a heavy thought raising children in the way of the Lord. You immediately know that you are to raise them differently than what the world says to do. As it describes in the 10th and 11th verse of chapter 31, a wife is far more precious than jewels and her husband trusts her. 

The Bible Study shares how we are not to be like other women of the world. It gives a list of what a virtuous woman is...

Man... I need work on those!

Change is imminent. It is when you embrace that that true joy can begin to flourish.

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