Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Remember Compassion

I haven't been able to write the amazing things that has been going on in our lives. We will be going to Peru in October. The best part is seeing our Smith again with my husband and son.
Luk is incredibly excited to meet one of our boys. Now, today we received an updated photo of our boy in Burkina Faso. Luk is itching to get on a plane to Peru, but if he had his choice he would be going to Africa to see his Abdou. I've posted before about their relationship and letter writing before.

Here was our first photo of Abdou:

Now, look at our oldest!
Look at that boy! Precious! He is getting so big! There is nothing like getting a letter from one of our boys, but there is something great to see their new photos.

Once we see Smith; I know that Luk will be begging to see Mr. Abdou, here. Then to head over to Thailand to see our third guy. Our trips seem to be far, farther, further (is that right?).

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