Friday, September 21, 2012


I have always been a relatively organized person, but the last time that I was this organized in my life I was a newlywed with no children, new job, new college, and new home. Frankly put, I was so organized because of ME. As I was putting my baby boy to bed as his older brother and dad are at a football game it occurred that I have NEVER been this organized down to a regulated menu for dinner time. The boys' rooms are clean not because they weren't played in, but because the boys knew it was time to clean up. The kitchen is clean because as dinner is coming to end I am able to start rinse and placing in the dish washer. As I rinsed the last dish I came to the conclusion that the only reason I am remotely THIS organized is because of HIM.

You know, there were moments in that newlywed stage that I wish I could say HE carried me through it, but I wanted to so badly be the one to do it... I didn't give Him any glory to what He was doing in my life. My life then was disrupted greatly. He wanted me to give Him glory. My jealous Father wanted me to acknowledge Him in all His splendor, and I fought tooth and nail NOT to do it.

I am so blessed to not be that girl anymore. There are moments when I look at hate towards her, but I have to remember just how much HE loved her (and still loves her). He loved her so much that He poured an abundance of grace unto her being that He made her who she is today and will be in the future. He commands our destiny. What a beautiful promise that is.

I stand in that truth tonight as I remember my selfish, "one man" show. It is the past, and the present and the future are looking bright. May you be engrossed in His glory as you read. Shine it out and tell your story because you are called on a mission. It is a mission to glorify the one true and holy God. Don't forget that, baste in it.

May I always remember to boast in His glory.

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Chela said...

As you reflect on your past and sharing it with us made me think of myself and the way I was. I was an extreme OCD kind of person and looking at it now it was something that over powered me and at which I'm not proud of but now I'm way more relaxed and realize that I'm still OC but have changed a lot. I praise Him everyday for all He's done in my life.