Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Psalms 15:13 (The Message)
A cheerful heart brings a smile to your face;
   a sad heart makes it hard to get through the day.

Usually I don't read from The Message, but I love the way this verse is worded. One of the things that I thrive on is to have happy hearted boys. If there is ever a time that Luk has a temper tantrum over not getting what he wants, or he is just a grouch in the morning I usually say, "Luk, you need to have a happy heart." It doesn't stop Luk automatically from his bad attitude, but it does make him stop and think about the way he is acting.
Needless to say, to we laugh a LOT in the house. Luk is Logan's personal comedian. The love that Luk has for his brother is precious, and seeing him interact and do things to make Logan happy is special. Here is one of those moments. Luk was "fighting" with his swords, and Coocoo was "fighting" back.


It makes me realize that I don't always put this verse into practice. I pursue to make sure that my boys do, but I ignore my own happiness. There are times that I am grouchy or just not in the mood, and I need to turn that verse around on myself. My voice talking to Luk should ring in my ear, "Aislynn, you need to have a happy heart!" I need to work on that...

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