Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Our "New" Classroom

My husband was asking me all day Friday what I wanted for Mother's Day. He had already gotten me a present, however he wanted to give something more. That evening Logan (our youngest) gave us the worst night we have been in the seven months he has been in our room. In the middle of his 3 hour crying fit, I looked at my husband and I said, "I want to have Logan put in his own room." We want the boys s share a room, but we want Logan to sleep through the night. Well Saturday, I had to go dress shopping with a friend, and my husband went to work. I call the room "Logan's Temporary Room/Luk's Schoolroom." Let me paint the picture for... we live with my parents. We did this to help pay bills, and we all get along. My older brother still lives in the house as well. The "office" and "garage" have become huge storage rooms, and it led to Luk, my brother, and my parents in the their room, while we shared our room with Logan. The "office" was piled high in storage.
Now, we have a room that still has a small portion of storage, but mainly an area for Logan and Luk's school things. Here it is for, now. Honestly, I couldn't be happier. Next step, convert the garage and office in a grandparents suite!

Those boxes that are piled are from a video store my parents use to own. Image junk that high all over that room... progress indeed.
As for Luk's area, you can see his desk, charts, board, and maps. I am slowly trying to do a Workbox System, but I will get more indepth with it after I buy the rest of our curriculum at the FPEA Convention on the 26th. Here is a peek into the boxes:
These are the Craft box. I have a collection of paint brushes, pipe cleaners, pompoms, finger paint stamps, finger paint, glitter, markers, crayons (that I divided into six baggies), and glue.
The World Map and United States Map with the Legend at the bottom. Luk already told me where Florida is and Tennessee. Which is great because we haven't gotten indepth with this yet. I plan on doing a letter tree to the right of this.
1-100 Number Chart, Long/Short Vowels Chart, Manners Rules. On the refrigerator, Luk has charts for practicing good manners, chores, and toy rules. He receives stickers for each thing that he completes. After the week, his money earned is based on the work that he has completed. These are his jobs.
Our lot of educational board games. We love playing games in this house. There is also his Ant Hill that we will be doing starting in the fall, along with the Butterfly Garden.
This is Luk's Workbox for the Letter "I." The red box is his supplies for writing and crafts. The money tray is just misplaced for right now.

I want to end with my sweet Logan; he was hanging around, enjoying his little area for the moment.

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Very cool!!!!! THe classroom looks awesome!!!