Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Joy FM

When Reson and I lived in Louisville, KY, we missed one huge aspect in our lives, our Christian Radio station, The Joy FM
Technology has changed in the past three years, and I can sit here listening on either my computer or on my phone. I am blessed by this station. Last year, Reson and I became partners with them, and it is the best $30.00 a spend a month. I encourage you that if you rely on your Christian Radio Station give to them when they do a Shar-a-thon. It is like what Carmen said the first day of their giving "Here's the cool thing, the reason you give is so we can give it right back--The JOY FM is just a funnel."
I'm all on that!!! Okay... so don't hesitate to support a thing in your life that makes a difference in your daily life, it will bless you!

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