Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Mountain of Stress

Seventh Day Slumber Concert: The stress of planning a concert by word of mouth.

1) I hate, loathe, despise talking on the phone. Case in point making phone calls to churches to talk about our upcoming concert.
        a) Even though I have sent fliers, they seem to have no idea what I'm talking about. Which leads me to believe they threw them away without even looking at them!
        b) More than half the phone calls had no answer, and had messages left.
        c) Those that did answer less than half were actually the people I needed to talk to. The rest
promised to send the message along.
        d) I get a phone call back from a youth that is rude and short asking the cost. What made that even
better was hearing the adult in the background say, "It's a professional band, right?"

2) Emails... more than 100 sent back, and I know they are valid emails. So, now... figure out why they came back.

3) Word of Mouth: The fact that the town of Arcadia knows more about this concert than Wauchula
boggles my mind. sigh...

It is at moments like that I stumble across something like this: Louie Giglio "God can take the very worst and accomplish through it the very best. #thecrossisproof" My biggest concern is the cost to bring the band here that is due the day of the concert. I have a deep down peace about the whole thing. I KNOW this is what God wants us to do. I just have to realize that it has to be done in HIS timing, and not mine. There's the venting for this moment. 

Good News! Michelle Tellone of LightForce Radio on the JoyFM is planning on pushing the concert big this week. I'm hoping that this is the break that we have needed. Thank you, Michelle!!!

The Mountains of Stress, I'm ready to hit the calm plains, thanks!

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