Friday, March 4, 2011


Before I start I want to say that they word I am about to use in the next sentence will make my husband really happy. If he can use it everyday, or in most sentences he would. It's funny his love for the word.

I wish that I had clear SUMMATION of my thoughts. It's been all these jumbled up thoughts that have not really come together. Reson and I went to the Youth Summit that is held by Student Leadership University in Orlando. Day 1 was... convicting... I felt inadequate. Day 2 was uplifting with wonderful resources. The car ride home was really time for Reson and I to check ourselves.

It was mentally draining (in a good way).

Again, my thoughts are jumbled up, and I don't have a direct closing for them all, yet.

Stay tuned for the update and clarity.

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