Monday, September 19, 2011

Peru: a harder hit with reality

"I sponsor a child in Bolivia." 
- The director of the Peru CI 

You know that moment when you grasp the truth behind something, and you sit and soak it in to better understand your own thoughts on the matter? I had that moment twice in one day. I believed in Compassion International before the start of my trip, but within a single moment I had a further faith in it. When you work for an organization that you believe in you support it, and you want to be apart of what they are doing. You can't just work there anymore, you want to get blessed by it.

The truth behind gratitude is that it is an emotion. The American way is to pay someone back to show your gratitude, or you feel that you can never repay them. I'm telling you now that is NOT true gratitude. It is the tugging in  your heart to offer your very best when you have the least. It is that moment when you hug and kiss another person from a far away country that you will never see again, but you know that the crater they left in your heart is never going to recover. Their gratitude pierces you so deeply there is no need for monetary value because the emotion behind sufficed for a lifetime.

The act of gratitude given from the eyes,

 in a dance,

in the act of sharing your home...

It is a sacred moment when someone shares their gratitude; it lays down the pride of our human condition, and it allows that human condition to reflect the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. We sit back and we are able receive it. The hardest part about receiving is that we are reminded of our condition, and at that moment we have to fall face down at the feet Jesus bathing in His precious blood remembering that He gave us ALL the greatest gift; Himself. 

We then are able to see through His love, and we see that joy in our lives.

It is a joy of children surrounding you with smiles and love, and you get it... JOY! A face of pure contentment with what you are doing at that very moment. You feel it crept up your legs into your stomach, stomp on your heart, and there it is when you see that everything you are doing is glorify your Father.

It is right there in this picture where I sit and think of a joy...
Joy weakens me like a wound. Oh, You're coming closer and it's hard to take in that 
I have wasted so much fear and devotion. But there's no time left for my regrets 
when You're calling. - Further Up/Further In- My Epic

Those words never seemed truer as ache with the joy of His presence in a church in Peru surrounded by children and selfless workers. The truth behind that in a box there is something very important...

in this box is something so important that God designed out of His image and love...

in this box is...

Tears burn down my face... is this something only children need to hear... or is my heart on fire with this simple truth that she teaches the moms to tell their children?

She reassures me that adults need to hear this too, and that she tears up when she sees the childrens' reaction behind this truth. 

I sit shaken. He is getting closer, but He has left Himself still far enough away from me so that I keep seeking Him... 


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