Thursday, October 4, 2012

Peru in 2 days...

Our car is packed with four backpacks, a luggage roof carrier, and a change of clothes. As many of you know God brought us to Georgia in the beginning of September (another post), and we are settled with every box unpacked, rooms organized, and homeschooling underway. However, over a year ago after meeting Smith, we began the process of getting our youth group in FL to Peru.

Our youth's parents faithfully agreed to switch our dates of travel from July to October to cut the costs in half and allow their kiddos to miss four days of school. We leave our nest for Florida tomorrow morning and head to Peru on Saturday afternoon. This trip is incredible special for my husband and I because 1) our six year old is going 2) my husband and Luk will be meeting Smith for the first time 3) two of the other people going to Peru will be meeting their Compassion child for the first time (WHOA!) and 4) 10 out of the 14 people going have NEVER gone out of the country, a few have NEVER ridden on an airplane, and few have gone further that Georgia or Alabama.

Needless to say, I am humbled that they are coming on this journey. I am shaken to the core that my beautiful brothers and sisters in Christ are inviting us into the homes to share the love of Christ. It is overwhelming to have them in my family!

As we were preparing for our travel, it has occurred to me more and more just how much this trip is going to change my son's life. We leave his baby brother behind (he is not too happy about this) knowing he will make the same trip in just a couple of years I do not hesitate in the decision to take Luk. I have posted before how he writes to his friend in Burkino Faso, and God has laid it heavily on my husband and my heart to show Luk what we believe in.

Be in prayer for our entire team. We know that from God we can expect faith to move mountains. Pray for Luk. He has been very emotional the past two days wanting to make sure he gives Smith the perfect gift. He still doesn't understand that HE is the perfect gift. His big heart in a little body is overwhelmed by the idea of meeting Smith. I having met him already know Smith is going love on him to no end.

We will also be meeting my mother's Compassion child, Anderson.  Mom, thank you! I know that you wanted to meet him first, and I want you to know just how honored I am that you are letting us spend the day with him! I know the decision was a hard one, but I promise to hug and love on your boy so much!


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