Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bedtime Pals, Good Eating, and Brotherhood

This is what Luk wakes up to in the mornings. They used to just be scattered in the bed, but we have stated a new system. He chooses one each night to sleep with. I will also clarify that this is only a portion of the stuffed pals Luk has. It is very hard to toss them out when he literally plays with them all. He is not a boy that stays playing with one toy, he enjoys them all. I'm thinking that the way Logan is heading he will be a one toy boy. He gets very attached (to me, in particular), and we are thinking he will have a "lovey."

Luk has been practicing his "photography" with Logan as his main object of interest. This is a shot that he took while Logan was eating his yummy dinner.
Hahaha... Logan has a look saying, "Get that camera away." It was very funny watching this all come together. Luk then decided that he needed to have a self portrait.
He is getting so big. I am hoping that he keeps an interest in photography; I think it would be a great time to share talents together. He loves doing it, and I can only hope to flourish that love. I couldn't end the night without getting a picture of the boys together. Luk is such a sweet big brother to Logan. It is hard to get in the swing of things when there is a 3.5 year gap between the boys, but I love having Luk love on Logan.

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