Monday, March 22, 2010

Talk about Busy!

This past week was jammed packed with events for our family. I was especially excited about taking Reson out for his Birthday on Saturday. Before that happened, Luk and I made rainbow cupcakes thanks to seeing the recipe from our dear friends Hannah and Benjamin Davis.
 After having fun with that, we took Luk to an event our town puts on called "Friday Night Live." Well, let's just say Luk was having fun in the Bounce House when an older boy hit him in the eye.
Saturday, he youth group had a car wash, and I surprised Reson with tickets to a Jeremy Camp concert. We ended up in the third row, and He loved it, I loved it. What an amazing man of God, and his wife. They are an incredibly talented pair. Reson and I were blessed that night. It was a wonderful date night. We needed that time alone, and it was wonderful to spend it with my best friend getting closer to our maker. 
However, the night ended with us coming home to sick little boy. Logan had been coughing since Wednesday, and it seemed to turn for the worse Saturday night. Logan and I stayed home from church, and he was in my arms the whole day. We are blessed to have a Pediatrician that has nights and weekend hours, and it allows us to take him to actual DR and not an ER. Logan was pretty congested and not getting the amount of oxygen that he should get. He tested negative for RSV, and we were sent home with a Nebulizer and breathing treatments. Needless to say, I'm exhausted, but he is feeling better.

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