Monday, March 8, 2010

Fancy Nancy Birthday Celebration

This weekend we had a wonderful time at a friend's birthday party. The mom is great at putting together parties, and it helps that she is Cuban (like me) because then the food is quite yummy.
 Luk had a wonderful time as he dressed up in his fancy wear
 Luk and the Birthday Girl had a wonderful time spending some time together 
without the other friends before the party. hahaha... whatta boy. 
Look at that pose that I didn't even ask for.
(and Logan joined in on some of the action).
Hmmm... well, lack of action really as he and Reson both fell asleep.
We tend to see them pretty often, however since Logan's arrival the time spent together has not been as frequent. It just goes to show you that it doesn't matter if you live 5 minutes or 12 hours away, you may not see the people you enjoy to be around. It was a beautiful day to spend with Luk's friends, and it is wonderful to be friends with their parents. God has blessed Reson and I with some great friendships after moving back home to Wauchula. They are not people (except Brittanie) that we went to school with, but they are some truly wonderful people.

I would have to look at past posts, but if you were not aware, Reson is the Youth Pastor at our church. We have been very blessed with a great set of kids. To add to that list is the kids that I get to teach in my 3rd-5th grade class. They are such a fun group of students that long to learn more about Christ. I encourage to go take a look at their Youth Page.

They are a group of about 20, and they are really great friends.

Here is a briefing of just how fun these students are (Christmas Party at our house, take note to how much fun they have with Luk)...
This should look familiar to our 9th&O Family. =)
Reson and I couldn't ask for a better group, and neither could Luk. hahaha...

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