Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Logan Nathanael Little Hollow Gift of God

Logan was a well thought out human plan, but the character that God gave him as been anything but thought out. He is truly one of kind. I can't define Logan very well because he is all over the spectrum. He is a momma's boy (Luk is a daddy's boy with some mommy tendencies), he is overly sensitive, he is defiant, he is precious, he loves, he is happy, he is a screamer, he cries ALOT, he eats ALOT, and he is an evil Knievel... I can't describe him enough. I do know that he will be the one to give me gray hairs.

Last night he was screaming in his crib, and when I went in he stopped looked up at me in his I'm asleep but I see you look. He was looking for his pacifier. I put it in place (what I call "pluggin' him up"), and then he just held my hand. He LOVES having that security. It is precious.  He is little hollow to me. He loves being in a safe place.

The way that my heart and love expands for this boy is just amazing. He makes me smile, he makes me mad, and he drives me bonkers. God made him cute for a reason! =D Logan has a strong dedication, I can only imagine what great things he is going to do with his life (if he can stay out of trouble).

If there is one thing I can say about Logan, his pictures show you what he is all about. He doesn't hide a thing, I can't imagine who he gets that from...

On me: his favorite place to be!


Meg said...

Such a cutie! Is that an Ergo I spy? How do you like it?

Aislynn said...

You spy correct! I love it! It is worth it. I have a lousy back, and it really does help distribute the weight. If you notice, I have the wrap, too. I love that one, too. However my boys grow to be monsters quickly and it pulls too much. Ergo, way better!

Meg said...

I've got a Moby wrap for the tiny stage, but I'm definitely planning on getting an Ergo. Glad to know there are other Wauchulians who baby wear and enjoy it! :)

Aislynn said...

Yea, he's my carry-on. Luk wasn't though. I wore Luk until he learned to crawl, then he didn't want to held. Logan, on the other hand, loves it. Even though he walks I can wear him when we go to theme parks and such. However, after a while he does want to get down.

We enjoy it. Ergo goes to 40lbs, so that's nice.