Sunday, April 24, 2011

Our Preparation for Resurrection Sunday

Our Christian faith is based on this day. Resurrection Sunday is a day that we bring into light for not just a day, but for many as we prepped our family for this day. Before the month of April Luk and I walked through the life of Jesus. His birth, his boyhood, his life with the disciples, and so forth. Then as there were only a mere 17 days left until Resurrection Sunday we began the An Easter Devotional by Ann Voskamp.

The cross carried by Christ to wash His blood over our sins, the grace and love...

His death

His Burial


Everyday adding our photos to the cross, everyday "We pause to listen to the word..." We linger on this, and we allow it to marinate in us, and flavor our lives. We then on Friday "Tell the Easter Story with a Playdough Mountain" taking the time to form the mountain,

making the cross, creating the scene

it is a reason to stop and meditate on HIS story... on OUR story.

He sets in the tomb that night. DEAD!

He is ALIVE come Sunday!

The beauty of the cross is what it leads to HIS overcoming of death, HIS salvation over us...

Luk again teaches as we do this activity, make the crown of thorns because that's what they made Him wear. We have to remember what we do to Him everyday that we ignore His word and choose our way over His. The crown gets pushed further in, the nails pull Him even more, and His blood STILL sheds for us. Resurrection Sunday more important than Christmas and His birth because without His death, we will have lost it all.

In Christ alone...


Shelley said...

super idea and thank you for blessing me by sharing. i will definitely have to borrow your creativity for next Easter. Many blessings.

Aislynn said...

Thank you, Shelley. This past year we have drastically changed our way of celebrations. As we have become more aware of what God truly commands of us for our purpose in life, so must our customs. Thanks to Ann, it makes the creativity easier, and with the helpful Noel Piper. It made this transition much easier. Check out:

jeana said...

What a wonderful way to learn and live this season. Love this.

Melissa said...

Super creative, hands-on, and meaningful! WoW!

Cindy said...

I wish I had thought of this when my own children were younger (the play Doh part)! And if you don't mind sharing...where did you get such a wonderful wall cross that you can tuck photos in?


Aislynn said...

Hi Cindy,
Surprisingly, I was browsing through the Home Decor section at Ross. It is like a TJ Maxx. It was a diamond in the rough!