Monday, August 1, 2011

It's Kitchen time...

which means that it is "highly" stressful over here. This is usually the hour that both boys want my attention, it's the one hour that usually has one at my feet screaming and wanting to be picked up, while the other is deliberate in playing "21 Questions." If I picked an hour that was my least favorite it would be this hour. Which is rather unfortunate because I do enjoy cooking dinner...

Today was full of finishing up some laundry and cleaning our two bathrooms. I've decided that I need a day set for everything. My wonderful husband has been helping me play catch up on the house chores on Sunday afternoon because it is often our guaranteed afternoon without the boys as they go to their "CooCoo" (my mother's) house. This has been a wonderful blessing for us because not only are we able to do our Sunday night discipleship program with our youth, but it gives Reson and I a couple of hours of cleaning or much needed conversation. Now, let me be quick to say that sometimes this gets put on the back burner as the youth are usually at our house by 2-3 because Sundays seem like a good day to not get tired of us. =D

Yea, we love having those guys over...

However, the reason for this is that my hour is being reconstructed. We are purging the TV watching, which (GASP) can be a life saver in this hour. Yet, I'm dealing with the screams as we blare TRUTH in the background. You can read more about this at my homeschool blog ( So, as the new routines get put into place so must our house chores because frankly Sundays shouldn't be catch up day.

With that being said, I want to share this site with you: and some wonderful printables

Darlene Schacht is the co-author of Candace Camerson Bure "Reshaping It All." I have not had the pleasure of reading this book, but maybe at some point it will happen. Something to do with a broken Kindle (Logan, apparently was trying to read)... anyways... I'm hoping I will get a chance to reading it.

I am grateful that she has put together not only a monthly plan, but daily plan for moms like me that though OCD, just sometimes "let it go" for the sake of not doing something. I think when I do my meal planning, the budgeting, and church stuff the house's clean factor is unfortunately put off to the side. Which I hate!

I feel as part of being a Christian stay-at-home mom/teacher I need to show that our home is clean, comfortable, and an example of what we feel inside. It is our sanctuary from the world. It is a place of love, devotion, and care. I want the focus of our home is to be the pictures on the walls of our family, our Compassion children, and our life with Christ. When there's toys, clothes, and clutter on the floor it detracts from our walls.

So, I hope this has helped you as it has me. Our bathrooms are sparkly clean, and are ready to get messy tonight. The laundry is done for the day, and is read to be piled up when my exhausted overworked husband gets home. Now, there is a plan in place.

Tomorrow: Bedrooms and de-cluttering.

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