Friday, August 26, 2011

I got it!

Yesterday, was a big day! First, we had an unexpected visit with handsome lil man:

Then, I got this in the mail.

I am 14 days away from driving down to Miami to hop on a plane to Peru! The mix of emotions that I am feeling over this trip is really crazy. There is angst and peace, which is strange and yes they are antonyms, but it is two feelings that are interesting to have at the same time. I will be reading through the guide this next week and will be in prayer as God has proven to have many things going on in my life and this trip being a big part of it. 

Lord, may I have ears to hear, and eyes to see the will that You have for Your story in my life. I know that my feeble mind will not always understand, but may I have peace that You offer to those who seek You.  

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