Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter Twenty-Ten Continued

I showed you the spiritual aspect of our wonderful Easter, but I forgot to post our family photos. It was really a beautiful day, and it was great to get some family pictures. Logan was not the happiest baby, but I take pictures and as long as he isn't crying, I'm okay with that. =) Here they are, enjoy...
Daddy's Boy: He loves his daddy!
This picture shows the boys' personas:
Logan: the Clinger; Luk: Mr. Independent
Love the life God has blessed us with!
My Best Friend
Luk loving on Logan after a long day.
Logan's precious feet
Hmm... what is Luk going to do with that Frog?
What a big brother should do, mount it on Logan's head.
Yep, it was the best Easter!

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