Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter Twenty-Ten

It was a wonderful Easter. The Lord gave me the blessing of singing a song for the congregation, and we were able to just spend the day with our boys. It has been very fun having Logan's first holidays this year. Luk is teaching Logan all that he needs to know, and will probably do the same thing next year.

Our lovely pastor's wife posted about their family "Holy Week," and I decided to do one of the activities that she mentioned in her blog. We created our own tomb for the Resurrection of Christ. Gregory was in town, so he got in on the fun. Neither one of them liked making the play dough. They don't like sticky fingers!
 Then it was time to bake the play dough for the boys to paint...

Sunday was a beautiful day, which ended with Luk giving us a sermon of Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection. He has become quite the preacher.  The funny thing was that Luk did not use this tomb to tell his story. He decided to use a used Orange Crush bottle and a Mechanical Pencil to represent the tomb and Christ. I know that God has something really special for Luk's talent and need to "teach" people what he knows. It is really a beautiful thing. It has really put me homeschooling him into perspective because what I teach him, he wants to tell everyone his new found knowledge.

We are truly blessed.

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