Thursday, April 8, 2010

Like Minded-Souls for Christian Living

Reson and I strive to be around people that are going to help us grow closer to our Heavenly Father. One of the ways that I do this is by reading blogs from Christian artist. I have found that I am very connected to the thought processes of Adie Camp (Jeremy Camp's wife). She wrote this blog yesterday, and it was something that I have remind myself daily in the way that I want to parent/grow in my Christian walk/be a better wife to Reson.

"I want to continually be someone who recognizes my weaknesses and falls on my knees and stretches out my arms and asks God to forgive me and to help me. So that I will walk in deep fear and awe before God, so that my life will be counted faithful and used for God’s glory. I don’t want to look to the past and think of how God has moved, but to think about what more I can do to serve Him and how much deeper I can go.
What are the areas in our hearts that we need to lay before the Lord today?
The area that God is speaking to me about is with my girls.
I had such a fun day with them yesterday, but I was also at times really impatient with them. I know I need to be more wise about how I respond to them, remembering that they are children and it is my job to train them (patiently) and to take into account where they’re coming from and that the are still immature. I also need to grow in not venting my frustration and “adding drama.” I realize that they will learn as much as I demonstrate to them.
Actions speak louder than words and are the greatest example when it comes to leadership…
I want to be so much more tender hearted always and wiser with my words. I want to act and not react. As in choose wisely how to respond and not be quick to answer back negatively."
The past week has been full of fevers, sleeplessness, and daily exhaustion. Logan had a fever in the beginning of the week (teething), he has been waking up numerous times in the night, and Bobby (my brother) broke his ankle, which led to me driving him around to the DR, x-ray, pharmacy...
It is with this type of week that brings me to have to practice my patience with the boys. I needed this blog to help me get through my day today. I woke up with a fever, so dealing with the boys has been challenging.

Live patient.
Be wise.
Strive for humility.
Have faith.
Live for His glory.

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