Thursday, April 1, 2010

Golf, Sleep, Concert

The Lord has really blessed Reson and I with wonderful boys. Luk has turned into quite the learner, and along with his want to learn, he has turned into a little leader. We always knew that Luk would be a wonderful big brother, but I never realized just how much of a leader he could be. He is a teacher. He loves to show Logan (and other children) what all he can do. It is with this that Reson and I try to have new things to teach him regularly. When he wants to learn he catches on quickly, and is very good at it.

Case in point... Golf

Reson spent the morning teaching Luk how to swing his golf club properly, and within a few swings he was doing pretty good. Look at that ball go.
Logan was happy just be hanging out watching his big brother and Daddy practice their swings.
Luk was ecstatic to get to spend the day with Reson. He loves his daddy so much.

He was very excited that he was hitting that ball. The next morning was tiring...
As you can see, Luk was rather tired. He came into our room that morning, and he came right in and fell asleep. If you know Luk this is not usually something he does. We must have really tuckered him that day.

Reson and I went to another concert. It is crazy to think that we went to two concerts in two weeks, but looking at it, these two concerts are two that took almost four years to happen. We decided that they were spiritually rejuvenating that we will try to go to two concerts a year. They were both very good for our souls.
Casting Crowns, Kutless, and CALEB were wonderful Godly people to hear talk about their life experiences and love for God.
Reson would like to say that the only group he was there to see that night was Kutless, however this is not true.
He secretly loves CALEB almost as much as I do. If you don't know this is Steven Curtis Chapman's sons. They are great Godly men. I have always wanted to meet Steven, but I must say that I am completely content having met these two guys. They are so genuine. It made my night, and I must say that it will probably have been one of the greatest things that I have gotten to do outside of family. When meeting people that you don't know. Praying for them during and after their family tragedy. It was great telling them that they have been in my prayers. Life is full experiences, and I am glad that I got to experience meeting them.

Will Franklin
Great humble guys. Reson had them sign the back of his ipod, which means that it will be mine! =)

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