Thursday, September 16, 2010

Blessed, Humbled, Grateful

These past couple of weeks have been rough. I will admit that my selfishness wishes that I didn't have to go through them, however I know that the situations are building me to be more of a woman for God. I am blessed to have health, my husband, my boys. I see so many suffering with death, illness, and unforeseen realities, yet God has blessed us with a wonderful season of life. I may not like the conflicts arise, but I am blessed with health and family.

I am humbled by God's grace and love for us. The fact that He places everything in our lives for a reason makes it all worth while. I am humbled by the godly people that keep their faith in awful situations. The fact that God created people to endure so much just goes to really show us how much a person can take.

I am grateful for His blessings, the trials that He gives us to lead to His Kingdom, and I am grateful for the life He has given me here.

I wrote this on my Facebook Status yesterday, and I have remember this daily!

Dear Satan,
You certainly know how to start my Wednesday morning. I appreciate your effort, but don't you know that I serve a God greater than you! I mean, I get that I would be a great conquest for you, but drop it already! Think twice next time. Get outta here!
Love to Hate you,

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