Friday, September 17, 2010

Christ-centered Families and their lives...

I sit here in shock as I read about some difficulties that are falling upon two Christian world and music artists (Aaron Shust, Matt Hammitt). Precious Daisy a daughter of a Reality Church pastor is fighting cancer, these two artists' boys are fighting for a beating heart and a healthy esophagus. Just this morning I was celebrating that a precious five year old is still cancer free. Little Nathan was a boy in our former church, and seeing their battle and current victory has been a hard road to follow. As believers, we like the testimony, but not the tests. I learned that from a friend, and it is true for the most part.

My husband would say that I was torturing myself as I wept for parents that had lost their children to cancer, wept as I read Nathan's mom, Amanda's struggles, etc. However, over time he has begun to understand that it is not the case of torture, but that we as Christians need to support and hold one another up. As we have matured in our Christian walk, as we have journeyed with our wonderful youth group, God has taught us the love that we are to have for others.

It is amazing that three out of the four children that I mention in this blog I have personal link to, but I have a love for them that makes me feel like they are my own. As God adopted us to be His children, I have a connection to them. I pray for them, their parents, and their friends. I pray that if my husband and I were ever in such a situation that we would be as Christ-centered as these beautiful examples. It is through the wonderful grace of God that we can be apart of these stories whether good or bad. He is our sustainer, our comforter, and he is our Father. He loves us and is in control.

Please I implore you look at these stories, pray for them, love them, and may God bless you through their walks as they have blessed my husband and me. We have such an amazing God. His love for us is astounding, and as believers we need to show that love to those that we don't know. Be imitators of Christ!

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