Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What Christ has been putting in my path...

Lately, there have been many things that I have read. There is the regular news topics, I will give Dr. Mohler credit for what I read. I deem "The Briefing List" worth my time to read list. If you don't know who this is, he is the president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary where I attended Boyce College (an undergraduate school of SBTS). So, I still keep up with what is being read and said at the school. Then I read other emails, Facebook statuses, blogs, etc.

Well, there is the blog that I mentioned in a previous post that is about Sanctus Real's leader singer Matt Hammitt's son. Bowen's Heart is a beautiful blog written to update fans and friends with what is happening with little Bowen. Well, it is there that I got a chunk of thought provoking theology. Matt writes:
The first thing that happens after we recognize our election by God in Christ Jesus is the destruction of our preconceived ideas, our narrow-minded thinking, and all of our other allegiances— we are turned solely into servants of God’s own purpose. The entire human race was created to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever. Sin has diverted the human race onto another course, but it has not altered God’s purpose to the slightest degree. And when we are born again we are brought into the realization of God’s great purpose for the human race, namely, that He created us for Himself. This realization of our election by God is the most joyful on earth, and we must learn to rely on this tremendous creative purpose of God. The first thing God will do is force the interests of the whole world through the channel of our hearts. The love of God, and even His very nature, is introduced into us. And we see the nature of Almighty God purely focused in
— “For God so loved the world. . . .” John 3:16
We must continually keep our soul open to the fact of God’s creative purpose, and never confuse or cloud it with our own intentions. If we do, God will have to force our intentions aside no matter how much it may hurt. A missionary is created for the purpose of being God’s servant, one in whom God is glorified. Once we realize that it is through the salvation of Jesus Christ that we are made perfectly fit for the purpose of God, we will understand why Jesus Christ is so strict and relentless in His demands. He demands absolute righteousness from His servants, because He has put into them the very nature of God.
Beware lest you forget God’s purpose for your life.

This is something that Reson and I discuss, however the eloquence in Matt's writing is what stuck out to me. I only wish that I could discuss the election of Christ in such a way, and to write about our purpose in life which is GOD! To go with this theme because in my life it seems to work out in themes. I think that is the way that God KNOWS I work. =)
I was listening to FLAME.   If you know me, you may think this to be odd because he is indeed a rapper, however I cannot deny a rapper with clear sound theology. He is graduate of Boyce College and is furthering his education in Christian Counseling. God has blessed this man with clear ways to share the gospel to young adults, youth, and those that only care to listen to rap. In his song, "Drama of Redemption" he narrates:

See, that’s why we can’t afford to roam the world aimlessly, man. We can’t afford to just go through out life, creating our own rules, pursuing things that don’t please God. Cuz we all apart of something that God established in eternity past. In other words, way before anything was created He had a plan to create a world with people and to save people from sin.

So, when He created Adam He made an agreement to bless him with eternal life, but Adam disobeyed God and the covenant or the agreement was broken. Then God covered Adam and Eve which was grace, and then the good news of Jesus Christ was proclaimed in Genesis chapter three. Then God said that the serpent would bruise the heel, the seed of Eve, talking about Jesus but that Jesus would crush his head.

So, from that point, God made an agreement with Noah and spared his family from judgment of the whole world, which was a picture of Jesus Christ saving us from sin. Then He made an agreement with Abraham that his descendants would be numbered as many as the grains of sand and that not only Jews but Gentiles would be blessed to be part of His covenant people.

Then He made a covenant with Moses and then with David and through David’s Lineage would come Jesus Christ who was the promise to David that he would always have someone to sit upon his throne. And then eventually, Jesus Christ came to earth to establish the new covenant, man.

See. God is redeeming the people so that they may dwell with Him in the new Heaven and the new earth and new Jerusalem. Look, man, all I’m saying is stop! Look in the Bible and see what’s really good. Cuz God and all it’s ways are passing away and Jesus Christ is coming back!

This is truth! How can we ignore truth!? I don't know about you, but this small dose of truth leads to a greater conviction. It's like what Matt says, we CANNOT forget our purpose that God has for our lives. As Flame says, we can't walk aimlessly. Jesus is coming back. God made plan for this world, and it would be smart not to ignore it!
This is the beauty of truth... I love it!!!

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