Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Finding Joy as Satan is determined to take it

"Shucks, you were going to have a swingset in your yard for the boys to play in all Christmas Day?"

"You mean you still don't have time to buy another?"

"You know you can go and just get a cheaper playground because you want the boys to have a fun-filled Christmas!"

Satan is a good liar! He likes whispering these things into my head as we walk past the toy aisle in Wal-mart. He loves trying to replace my joy with sadness, and every split second that I get just a little teary eyed I let him win that time frame. It's upsetting that the human mind can betray itself especially when you think you know yourself. I went back to my previous post and just reflected because I know that everything I wrote was true!

"Shucks, you were going to have a swingset in your yard for the boys to play in all Christmas Day?"
Sure, but you know what! As Reson pointed out we can take them to the park. Yea, I live in a country that offers playgrounds free to the public.

"You mean you still don't have time to buy another?"
Sure, I do! But then I wouldn't be following my heart of  "Whenever Christmas begins to burden, it's a sign that I've taken on something of the world and not of Christ."

"You know you can go and just get a cheaper playground because you want the boys to have a fun-filled Christmas!" Yea, I could, but then if Luk wants to buy:

a cow, 

or 20 mosquito nets, 

or 17 soccer balls, 

or 15 Chickens, 

or 10 Baking Supplies, 

or 8 Vaccinations, 

or 6 Educational Supplies, 

or 5 Kits for New Moms,

or 4 goats, 

or 4 water filters, 

or 4 beauty trainings, 

or how about 3 Bakeries, 

or even 2 Small Businesses,

or even a mechanics workshop 

 through Compassion. If I spend my money on a swingset, I couldn't do this for him.  I would be saying, "You know Luk, I told you we would be doing this, but you know, I really don't care about others in poverty I wanted to get Logan and you a swingset.

What kind of example is this? No, Satan my sad heart will not allow you to do this, to remove the joy that I have been having over this loss. No, because it has been a joy focusing on God and what he has graciously given to me and my family. We are blessed beyond measure, and it is our call to give to others that are not as fortunate. Christ came for the lowly, and he wants us to experience a sense of lowliness.

So... I'm thinking instead of a swingset we may invest a cow for a village in Kenya

and Luk... well, he told us he wanted to get the mosquito nets.
You want to know why? He relates to it. When he goes outside in the Florida heat, he and I both get eaten alive by those darned bugs. He and I both know that we would hate to try sleeping with that happening. Imagine it... being bitten all night long... with no relieve... you wake up every morning and you can't even tell where the new bites are because you have bites all over you anyways. My heart feels a conviction to get the water and kit for new moms. Why? Have you ever thought about what you live would be like without clean water, an element you need for survival. You would be sick all the time due to contaminates, you would be malnourished, and you may even die. A new mom, a small baby, no clean water, not enough food, no breastmilk flowing. You have NO idea how to keep your child alive because no one near has been able to do it.  This village would have clean filtered water, this new mom would have a Dr/Nurse to give health visits, vaccinations, and help to give this child a future.

These things are all more than I can give by giving my boy's a swingset. So, as Satan tries to create sadness in my heart, give me a bad day, I immerse myself in these things. If I didn't my heart would become hardened, my soul would begin to ache as my selfishness takes over. Is today a day, yes. Do I want to scream, yes. However, I will not let my joy be taken. I will sit for a bit, reflect, breath deep, and be joyful through it because I'm getting a cow for Christmas... it's just going to be living in Kenya it's whole life. Maybe one day I will meet it. =D

So... I ask you, what can you give this Christmas that means more than an iPod, or watch, or swingset? I don't know, you tell me because there is whole list stated above that can change a whole generation!

A Compassion Christmas: Gifts of Compassion

"Homes and offices are being decorated. Parties are being planned. Family get-togethers are being decided. And the malls are getting crazier than ever. Looking at the hard-to-navigate parking lots, long lines, and highly stressed customer service staff is enough to make even the most seasoned shopper sweat.

But it doesn’t have to be this way - and we can help.

A Gift of Compassion is the perfect gift alternative for your friends, family, co-workers and clients. No crowds, no lines, no stress - just a gift that will help make a difference in the life of a child living in one of the poorest communities of the world. Your gift will help provide clean drinking water, medical treatment, disaster relief, food supplies and much, much more for Compassion - assisted children and their families. Meet real needs and bring real joy with a Gift of Compassion."

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