Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Blogit Entries Day 1

Welcome to the thoughts of a wife, mother, student, and teacher. It will not take a reader long to realize that having these four titles can become a bit complex, however that is what life should be about complexity. If we lived with no complexity it would be quite a flat world and existence. As a first entry into this blog, I must make it known that within these past three sentences I have gotten up twice to nurture my three month old encouraging him to take his afternoon nap, and taking my soon-to-be four year old to his room for his nap. What started out as quick little blog has turned into a chore that has lasted over an hour. So here is an introduction to this new blogger:
There are few things that I think get misinterpreted in life (especially mine) by society:
Marriage is not only 50/50: It would be fun to say that my husband and I share the load equally, but I'm not going to lie, we don't . If we did then I would have to keep a score board up in the house, however that is not how we like to live. We both make mistakes, and needing to bring up old mishaps doesn't make a marriage stronger. However, it is learning sometimes that I will have to give more and take less, yet acknowledging that there are times that my husband has to give more and take less. It's been a busy day with a cranking teething three month old and a three year old trying to test his boundaries, which means one thing nothing has gotten done in the house. My husband is busy with clients all day long, he skipped lunch, and has a half hour drive to get home. Who's to say he worked harder or that I worked harder. No it's all about: Compromising... Communication... Patience... Understanding... Forgiveness... these are all elements to making a marriage work. Here goes year seven of marriage.
Parenting young children: it's all fun raising a kid, but most of the time I have to recollect that I am not raising kids but men. That's right, I'm one of those people, my husband and I talk to our children knowing that they are more intelligent than we can comprehend. My three year old already knows the concept of death (through the loss of a hamster and learning about Jesus' sacrificial decision to save us), and he can pretty much tell you his male reproductive system. With that being said, he thinks that Santa left him presents under the tree, that somehow the Green Goblin can become a good guy, and maybe just maybe he can learn to fly like Superman. Even with the concept of raising men, my sons can still have fun becoming one.
Online school is easier than ground schooling: In this area, I have become the "Jack of all traits". I started my college education with Dual Enrollment courses in High school, however we can begin the actual career of "going to college" in 2003. I started as a degree major in Christian Counseling at Boyce College (SBTS), switched to the University of Louisville as an Education major, however finally settleing back home in the Sunshine State just to go to school (online) in Arizona's Grand Canyon University majoring in English Literature. Did you get all that? The easiest thing about going to school online is not having to figure out what to wear. It a challenging, diverse, and humbling experience going to school online. You have to be a self teach, you cannot rely on the professor to teach you everything, you have be able to read large amounts of homework, and you better be a fanastic writer, or you will not make it. With that being said, education for adults has gotten more acessible and more enjoyable, especially for the mothers and wives of the world.
Children that are home taught are non-social: Whomever came up with this idea is insane or they are just ignorant to the ways of the world. If my memory serves me correctly one must interact with people in ever aspect of life: the grocery store or market, the library, neighbors, church, you name it... life is based on socializing. If you were to meet my son,  you wouldn't be able to tell he was home taught just by his social skills. The kid can talk your ear off. Parents that home school their children know the importance of this situation, however we also have to remember that socialization is also part of a personal characteristic. Your child will either be talkative and out going, or your child may simply be shy and laid back. It is with this simple reminder that just because you home school or your child goes to public school they can be have either personality, type A or B.
These are just little snippets of what my life is about, and I hope to see you (my readers) soon. As the journey of this complex momma continues.
What's to come, what will you have to look forward to: the beginning of the first born's education, the milestones of three month old, the graduation of the mom behind this blog, and the ups and downs of understanding this relationship that has been in the works for over two years. Stay tuned the fun has just begun!

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