Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Blogit Entries Day 2: Daddy's Love

It was a typical morning in our house. The husband was out the door by 8am to go to work. While I was begging my three month old to let me get just five more minutes of sleep, and hoping that his sporadic yelps wouldn't wake up his brother. It is at these moments, that I begin to feel like a teenager again pleading with my mom to give me a snooze button. Of course, the best part about this is when these two boys grow up, I will be the mom bouncing on their beds to get them to wake up. Oh, sweet justice, it will be mine... one day. Moving on... He did wake up because of the yelping, and he slowly opens my bedroom door gingerly climbing into my bed. However, unlike typical mornings where he cuddles with me, he was doing is little puppy dog noises. I turn to ask him what was wrong, and BAM, he screams!!! "I WANT MY DADDY, I MISS HIM, I WANT TO LOVE ON  HIM!" Awe, yes, the beginning to a beautiful day. I am not necessarily complaining, but simply trying to get used to a new routine since the arrival of "baby brother". He made me call his dad to plea with him to drive back home from work. United, my husband and I were explaining to our son that if daddy didn't work we wouldn't have a nice house, food, toys, comfy beds, etc. This was a failure in communicating with him, he is three, and he loves his dad and wants him home.
It was then that he said it, the saddest thing a three year old could say to a dad that is obligated to go to work to provide, "Daddy, my heart is breaking, come home!" Of course, this put daddy over the edge in sadness. It was then that I decided that daddy needed to hang up, we said our "I Love You"s and hung up. "Baby brother" on the right, the heart broken one on my left, I say to him, "why don't you cuddle and love on me?" He did it, lovingly. Then his new favorite question popped up, "How long will it take for daddy to come home?" I reply, "Like everyday, at dinner time after breakfast, lunch, and nap." "Okay, mommy" and that was the end of it.
He is playing happily with Play Doh, and waiting for me to start his school. Was this morning hectic, yes! Did I want to climb into a whole for just a few minutes of tranquil silence, yes! Would I change my son's reaction to missing his daddy, NO! I love knowing that my son loves his daddy. It has really given me the affirmation that everyday when daddy walks in through the door and we make a HUGE deal of him returning home has paid off. I love it. I love seeing that my son loves his dad, and that the presence of his dad makes him feel whole.  I love that he is comforted by me until the hero of the day returns to his secret headquarters.
You cannot replace a daddy's love. I am grateful for knowing that my husband will be home at the end of the day. It makes me appreciate the soldiers who are away from their families to protect mine. I appreciate the Doctors, that are on-call in the wee hours of the night to heal my family. I am appreciative to anyone who is not home with their family that crosses paths with mine. Most of all... I am grateful to a God that allows my husband to come home to his family everyday.
Now, as we go about our day, we patiently await for our "main man" to come home, and when that time comes, we will be making a HUGE deal at his presence like always. There is really is nothing like a daddy's love, just ask my sons.

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