Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Blogit Entries Day 5: Family Love: Newsstands a Buzzin'

Wow, these past seven days of no blogging have not been fun. The clan has been sick. It started with Mr. Clinger having a head cold, which then lovingly spread to Mr. Independent and myself. The husband escaped it, and I'm a bit jealous over that. Just kidding, but he has always managed to get well quicker than the rest of us. I've had many thoughts going through my head the past few days due to much of the media over pour of news, and it hasn't really been helping with the mental status. I feel frustrated, stressed, and concerned about where this country is going. It is just so much easier to go to work to provide, and that be the end of it. However, as a Christian, I don't feel that is what God has for me to do.
The fact that the husband is the youth pastor at our church, and I work in the children's department creates a focus on what parents are teaching their children. We have encountered many different scenarios, and some are just plain sad. Then to have to read things from the media just fuels the sadness. It is truly overwhelming.  So, in this momma's mind, the facts are these (thanks "Pushing Daisies" for this one liner, a show cut in its' prime)...
1) I am a Christian in America, which should mean that I have the freedom to speak my mind just as much as a Muslim American, a Gay American, or any other American (Atheist, Mormon, Feminist, etc).
2) If CBS wants to air an anti-abortion ad, so be it. I have to be subjected to beer ads and other sexual innuendos during the Super Bowl, and I'm suppose to be tolerate of everyone else, yet they don't have to tolerate of me. Also, from what I understand, it is about how Pam Tebow made the CHOICE to keep Tim. So... where is the agrument Pro-choicers... She chose to keep, not abort! Get over it, would the ad be better if she decided to abort. Get over yourselves, or like CBS states there are some slots still available get some donators and come up with own ad. By the way, you brought more attention to the ad, so now people will notice it. James Dobson thanks you, and so do many others.
 3) Jonathan Edwards, seriously... I'm glad you still "care about" Elizabeth, whatever that means in today's society. I'm not one to support divorce (though I understand it in some cases), but Elizabeth you deserve to be truly loved and supported while you fight your fight with cancer.
4) PETA... I get it, I love my dogs, hamsters, and other precious creatures, but why not go and fight for the lives of homeless people and orphans, just sayin'.
5) Just because you are conservative does not automatically make you a Republican. It also does not make me a Democrat writing that. It can mean that I weigh the options with the junk that is offered. I'm not sure I care about what Obama's agenda is anymore. I don't know what would be best to get our economy better, but I do know that we are a wasteful country, and we don't seem to learn our lessons. and lastly on this mini tyraid...
6) I want an ipad, but will wait to see if they come out with a better version with a camera and flash support. I think it best to wait til the kinks are all out. Yes, I'm a Mac person.
 So, what's with the title "Family Love"?
1) It doesn't matter your religion, sexual orientation, or stance on political controversies. We all have the capability to love. I can't judge you, nor should I. You shouldn't judge me just because I'm a Christian. I believe in loving my neighbor as I would want to be loved.
2) I kept my darling boys! I love them! If the Doctors would have told me to abort, my choice to keep would still stand because I believe in my faith with Christ. You make your choices, I make mine, I have no place to stop you and you can't stop me no matter if there is an ad on television. The ad doesn't tell me  something I don't already know. I supposedly live in a free country where I can choose!  Thanks for telling me something I already know.
3) I love my husband, it is more than just caring about him, but respecting him as my mate.
4) I love animals, but I do feel there are more important things to worry about. Yes, I eat meat!
5) I love living in a free country where I can vote for a Republican, Democrat, Non-Partisan, or whatever the political stance is. I vote for what I feel goes with my values. Just so you know, neither top candidate felt worthy of my vote. I voted for someone else on the list that I did my own research on, which is what ALL voters should do.
6) I love Apple products!
 Family love, there is nothing like it. This country's decisions effect everything that has to do with my family because I live here. Sorry, if you happen to not agree with me. I am an American, I have the freedom of speech, you do what you think is best for your family just like I do.  Those are the tyraids of a momma that stays home with her boys, and has to read the garbage of this country.

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