Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Apologetics 101

1) What did God say to Adam and Eve when they ate from the fruit?
2) Why do we sin?
3) Is Satan red?
4) What does Satan look like?
5) Will we be put back into our bodies after Jesus comes back?
6) Do Heaven's gates close if we don't have Jesus in our hearts?
7) When will Jesus come back?
8) What if we aren't ready?
9) Are their ghosts?
10) Was Satan an angel?
11) Did Adam and Eve have kid after kid, and they had kid after kid to populate the world?
12) How did God make Adam and Eve?
13) Will the world in 2012?

This is just a few (yes, just a few) of the question my class of second to fifth graders asked me tonight in our Wednesday night Bible Study class. If there is one thing I can say about these kids is that they have tons of question, they want the answers, and they hear ALOT of things from their FRIENDS! There were many times before they asked a question that the kids said, "Well, my friend said this..."

I think it is important to make clear that if you do not talk about these things in your home, your children WILL hear their friends' opinions and others. I'm not too sure you want that if you are a devoted Christian. If there is one thing I have a strict policy on is that I tell the truth especially when it comes to teaching the Bible. There are many times that I can look back at my classes, and think man, no one said the BAD stuff.

I have to start by saying that this all came from teaching about Jeremiah. He was "the weeping prophet," and he was called at a young age by God to tell Israel and Judah that through their division, they would be disciplined by God.  As we discussed this it turned into Q & A time with Aislynn. I feel humbled that God has put me in this situation. I have doubts that I deserve to teach these children the truths of God's love and wrath. I do.

When I got the question "What if we aren't ready?" my heart sank. It's sad. That fear of uncertainty. Unfortunately, I had to share the truth that God is not going to ask you, "It's okay, I'll come back later." No, He is going to leave you here. You will not spend eternity with Him. At that moment I saw her heart sink. Her eyes welled up, and she looked down silently. There is no sugar coating it. Hell awaits you if you don't turn your life over to Christ. He makes that very clear.

These children are such blesses, and I don't want to think of any of them going to Hell. We want people to go to Heaven, well let's tell the truth. We MUST fear God. So many of us fear Satan, but he has no control of my eternal standing. No, God does! I fear God more than I fear Satan. I told the kids that. Do not fear Satan. Though he may seem smooth and bring a blind attack, but he is nothing compared to my Heavenly Father.

It was an evening of tests. I was told later by the Pastor that as he looked in through the window in my class the kids had their Bibles opened leaning forward over them looking at me sitting in a chair speaking. They listen. What a responsibility... I am unworthy of such a gift. I love these kids so much. I pray that they are or become ready! I pray that this night and the many others that have questions like this will help them with the fight this world is going to attack them with.

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