Monday, November 8, 2010

Mrs. "Diva"

I found this gem of a photo as I was looking through the photos that I had on my desktop. Low and behold, I came across this stern diva lady (mom) holding a sleeping me at my Church Baby Dedication. Look at those shades. =D I have to laugh looking at it because this just doesn't seem like the mom I know. Doesn't she look a little sharp around the edges? LOL Let me show you her a bit softer.

That's more like it. Mrs. "Diva" with my youngest Logan. Other than Reson, she is my best friend. I was thinking while I looked at that first photo what she would say to herself if she could. If you knew my mom in the first photo, you would know that she was a bit obsessive compulsive about things. The way her house looked, clothes, etc. If you have ever seen the movie "Sleeping with the Enemy" that would have been our home back in the day (without the psycho killer hubby). Bathroom towels evenly displayed, cans in the cabinet all lined and in alphabetical order, and as my brothers and I recall toys were put back in the fighting sequence on the shelves (as if never played with).

However, I don't really remember may of the days of her like that. I remember her as the woman who gets a bit antsy when people see her house in a "mess", but it's still a bit of a "mess." She is passive, which at times drives me crazy, however it she helps cancel out those that don't have that trait. She is compassionate. She cares about everyone, and she was one that everyone in called "Mom" while I was in school. She is not selfish. She listens even when I know it hurts her. The friendship that we have built has come from the years that she mothered me. As we are now both adults, I can openly tell her when she does something that bothers my husband, myself, and I know as the boys get older them. She takes it in, and she starts to pray for God to teach her how to deal with it. Honestly, she rarely does it again. That is a true gift that she possesses.

**I would like to add that Reson would say he loves that she is gullible, and he can play around with her repeated.**

I think the thing I love most about her is that she is always getting better. She embraces the fact that God made her to change and evolve into the full woman He wants her to be. I think that as selfish people, we tend to think that God made us this way deal with it, or this is how I was raised I'm not going to change. However, she is not like that.

She is a true woman of God that I look up to. Her friendship is one that will tell truth in love (her true gift), and is one that has changed my life. I know that it will continue to change my life. So, be gone crazy Mrs. "Diva" from picture one!

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