Thursday, June 24, 2010

Clarity on the last post

I wanted to clarify some thoughts from the last post. It can be hard to read the last BIG reason to homeschool, and I want to make it known to those that do not homeschool, it is still VERY much a personal choice and conviction. You either have a calling or you don't. I was not homeschooled, however my parent's were involved in my life. There can be a balance with students in public school, but the challenge is very difficult when you have everyone else working against what you are doing at home.

One thing my mom told me everyday was that she started (still does) praying for mine and my brothers' spiritual lives. My mom for a short time was a single parent, and she knew this was her needing to pray that we would remember what she was teaching at home and when we were at church. So, I implore you to pray for your children beyond their health. Pray that they may fight the pressure of ungodly environment that they face everyday for 12+ hours. Pray that they may conquer temptation, and pray that they choose friends that will help them with their walk with Christ.

You may not want to believe it, but school is worse than when you were there. Kindergartners are hearing about sexual activity, sexual orientation from peers that are hearing about life through their ungodly parents. Be wise while our child attends, Be attentive to what they ask and need from you as far as knowledge goes.

Just some extra thoughts from my end that I didn't get to last night.

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