Saturday, June 12, 2010

Thought Process

I have been thinking about what it means to have joy in your heart. When you read the book of Psalm, there are many references to joy. Now, I would like to think that I am a joyous person, however how do have joy and contentment. When you feel that God is calling you to do something more, but it can't happen at the moment, how do you seek the contentment? I say this with the thoughts of missions. I know that at this moment my prayers are being answered with "wait." As Luk would say, "Yellow means wait, Red means NO, and Green means YES, Mommy!" Thanks for the reminder, and that's a four year old telling me this. Yep, I got it, Luka, Thanks bunches! =D
Now, I can find that I am content with the way God has placed things in my path, and so I move forward with that joy of contentment there. Waiting with an impatient content heart (is this an oxymoron?).

Moving on to some more joyous thoughts. Luk was sitting on the couch with my mom. They were watching "Night at the Museum 2" or whatever it's called, and it was coming to the scene where the Pharaoh is calling his "servants." Luk asked if he was a bad guy. Mom reading at the moment said, "Well, not really. He doesn't hurt anyone." I replied, "Well, he is trying to be godlike and take over the world. He wants everyone to serve him." Mom answered, "that's right, Luk. I didn't remember what was happening." Luk joins in on the conversation, "Well, then he is bad because you don't put anything above God. You don't make yourself idol, that's the second one." My mom and I looked at each other with astonished faces. It was not shock that he knew the commandment (we knew that), but that he used it so clearly in an application. I praised him for his accuracy because I even had to open up the brain Bible folder to remember it being commandment two.

God is doing some great things in that boy's heart. As I see him grow to love God, my heart grows fonder of what God's will is for his life. Luk is always asking if a character in a movie has Jesus in his or her heart. My response is, "only they know if they have Jesus in their hearts." His response, "Well, I know I have Jesus in my heart." Hmmm... this kid, I tell you what I couldn't ask for a greater big brother for Logan! Just to tell you another story of how much this boy shines, Luk's friend went with his mom to buy Luk a birthday present. The mom (a friend of mine) asked her son, "what is something that reminds you of Luk that we can get him?" The response, "Well, I know that Luk loves Jesus!" sigh... Proud and humbled that God entrusted this beautiful mind to Reson and me.
It is at this point that the first paragraph of this blog should just ignored!

Here's my Mr. Smarty and Logan...

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