Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Public School, the biggest stumbling block of all!

A friend of mine has given me the pleasure to read one of her old issues of "The Old Schoolhouse" The Magazine for Homeschool Families, and I must say I am in love with this magazine. I love how everything is Christian based. In the Winter 2008-09 issue, David d'Escoto wrote an article called "10 BIG Reasons Not to Send Christian Kids to Public Schools," and I was highly impressed. There was obvious reasons: 1)Public schools do not seek to teach according to your child's individual gifts and callings; 2)more tax money for academics, yet lower tests scores that are causing lower high scores to make the students look advanced; 3)your authority as parent shifts to the teacher, coach, principal, you have no control over sex-ed; 4)family first in Christian life becomes family last in the school system structure; 5)child seeks peer acceptance becomes do whatever you need to necessary against parents to find peer love "The Bible has already forewarned us about what happens to 'a companion of fools'"(Prov.13:20b); 6)the norm for students being grouped in 25-30 kids in a class for 12+ hours a day leads to poor attitudes and low self-esteem; 7)SEX, SEX, SEX, who will teach you child the Biblical way to learn about sex; 8)the Bible is being ripped from the hands of students in schools; 9)the falling away of the Bible, Christian homes are losing their children to Satan at college age and then there is number TEN!

I want to quote this because honestly, I have thought this, but never knew how to word it. I agree 100%.
"Scripturally Unsound" My final point may be the most controversial, but the fact is that public education is causing millions of children to stumble in their walk with out Lord. Can we not logically conclude that it is unbiblical for us to send our children there? Bold words, some may say-I would say they're rather Biblical. Please open your Bible and read Matthew 18:1-6, 1 Corinthians 8 (focusing on verses 11-13), and finally Romans 14:13-23 (focusing on verses 13 and 21). Do you see it? the Bible is making the following facts clear to us: 1)Believers are no longer under law. 2)Believers do have freedom in Christ. 3)A believer's freedom (liberty) in Christ must never ever be used as a license to sin and/or cause another weaker believer to stumble/sin."

Now, I know that many of Christian friends that take their children to public school, and this is not to disrespect their choice, but seriously do we want to force stumbling blocks on our children? Reson has always mentioned that I am not a person that will stay around people that are stumbling blocks to me; so, why would I do that to my boys? When David put the tenth reason into those words above, it just clicked for what my thought processes are for schooling Luk and Logan (and if I am blessed with more, God willing).

The calling to homeschool your child is scary, but in the end it can be the most rewarding thing you could for your family and the highest glory you can give to the Lord. Man, if that doesn't pump you up, I don't know what would... =)

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