Sunday, June 6, 2010

What our thoughts turn to when someone dies...

Someone I went to high school with died yesterday. She was 26 years old, had a husband, and a two year old son. My mind cannot wrap my brain about it really. The thought of leaving Reson with Luk and Logan without be is like someone ripping my heart out, but should it. If I believe in the gospel, I would have a comfort in the fact that I would be with my Heavenly Father, and that He would provide for my boys. I know that if it be His will He will provide a wonderful Christian woman to help Reson raise my boys. Yes, this thought makes me cry because I wouldn't want anyone but Reson and I to parent our kids, but I have confidence in the will of God.
Then my thoughts go to what would I do if I lost Reson?  I was never one to go out on dates just for fun. I knew I wanted Reson to be my husband from the first day I saw him in high school. So, how can you find someone to be as amazing as Reson. To me, it would almost be impossible, but God makes all things possible. Deep down, I know that God would provide, even if that meant a Father figure in someone that would not become my spouse. Sad thoughts, but thoughts that come into the mind when tragedy strikes.
My heart goes out to this husband as he tries to wrap his brain around losing his wife, his son's mother. My heart goes out to the fact that the boy is going to ask where his mommy is, and why isn't she coming home? Those are the tough points. I pray that the Lord gives him the right way to word things. I pray that their son will know that his mother loved him with all she had. I pray that as time goes on that their son embraces his mother's loss and cherish what she did to make him who is.
I don't like thinking about if God will take me when Luk and Logan are young, I do pray He doesn't, but ultimately He knows the plan for their life and mine. I pray for peace of mind when tragedy strikes, for a hope that only God can deliver.
Hope, Peace... Grief... Rejoicing in the Lord God for His Sovereign journey of our lives!

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