Thursday, June 24, 2010

"Unplugging the Thumb"

Well... I have to stop Luk from doing the one thing that really keeps him from being a BIG boy. Luk is a thumb sucker, but I have to say that he is not like an obsessive thumb sucker. He usually only does it at nap time or bed time. He doesn't usually do it just to do it. If you ask him why he is sucking his thumb he will say that he is tired. It is even something that I don't have many pictures of, it isn't stopping him from being a socialite, and it isn't something that is causing him to have a speech delay. I actually found two pictures of him sucking his thumb, both were WAY past his bed time because we were out or because we had family visiting.
It is not even something that he needs to help him stay asleep...

So... after doing some research, I have pick my method of dealing with this last little babyish thing that Luk does. It almost breaks my heart to do because I think he looks adorable doing it, however I have to put myself in the position that I love my son, and I want what's best for him. He is at a healthy age to stop it, he mature enough to handle it, and I know that it is something that he and I can work through together. I don't want it to get to the point to have to use guards or liquid solutions.
Today, I looked at Luk, and I told him that if he wants to be a big boy he needed to stop sucking his thumb, and that he could do it. He said, "Okay, I can do it." He has already caught himself going to do it and didn't. I was proud. He said, "Oh, I can't do that. I was going to suck my thumb, but I'm a big boy," and off he went. =)
If I need to I plan on using "Unplugging the Thumb", the method is based on your child making the decision to stop, and you helping them do it with you support. Luk is already doing really well with it as of today. Check back in a couple of days for an update on the progress...

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